Make a Motor Pulley for Sewing Machine

Sometimes finding the right replacement part for an old machine is near impossible. It may be easier to build one from scratch. here is how to build a 3/4 inch pulley for an old sewing machine.
 I Made it at TechShop (Chandler)

Materials and tools:
3/4" x 4" steel rod
8-32 thread tap
8-32 set screw
1/8" drill bit
1/4" drill bit
center drill
drill press
Metal Lathe
HSS lathe bit

Step 1: Start With Sketch or Drawing

Step 2: Turn Metal Stock to Desired Diameter

Step 3: Center Drill Metal Stock

Step 4: Grind Lathe Bit to Cut Profile Per Spec

I found a spec sheet for different size pulleys on google. Grind your bit to 16 degrees per side to make a 32 degree v-groove.

Step 5: Cut V-Groove With Lathe Bit

Cut groove till it is the correct diameter from the drawing. cut the width so it matches the drawing.

Step 6: Drill Pulley to Shaft Diameter

Step 7: Cutoff Pulley With Parting Tool.

Use plenty of cutting oil

Step 8: Center Punch for Drilling

Step 9: Drill Set Screw Hole for Threading

Step 10: Tap Threads Into Set Screw Hole

Use plenty of cutting oil

Step 11: Install Set Screw

I also polished the pulley a little.



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