Make a MyBlog on Office 365

Introduction: Make a MyBlog on Office 365

This instructable will help you to begin blogging in Peel's Office 365, it's as easy as logging into BYOD, and then clicking on the purple MyBlog button.

Step 1: Design Your Blog's Look

Click on the cog at the top right hand corner of your home page. Next, select change the look.

Step 2: Choose a Look and Customize

Choose one of the designs by clicking on it. Different options will now appear in a menu to the left of the designs.

Step 3: Choose Your Colour Palette, Font and Layout

Decide on a colour palette, font and layout, and certain designs allow you to insert a background picture. Click on the image box to add or change the image, and browse your picture files on your computer to choose a custom image. You can find royalty free images on sites like . You must click on "Try it Out," at the top left hand corner, and then you will have the option to keep your changes or continuing editing.

Step 4: Personalize Your Page

Again, click on the cog at the top right hand corner of your home page. Choose site settings and a list of options will appear. Find "Look and Feel", and select "Title, Description, and Logo."

Step 5: Enter Your Blog Title and a Description

Enter a title for your blog and a description of what it is all about, into the fields, and upload a photo from your computer that will represent your blog. You could choose an image that is a metaphor or symbolic of your site's name or description, or you might choose a photo of yourself. You can also change your site's address to include the title of your blog.

Step 6: Almost Ready to Blog, One More Customization

At the top left hand side of your home page, you will see BROWSE and PAGE. Select PAGE, and then choose "Edit Page."

Step 7: About This Blog

Find the "About this blog" area, and click on the text fields to enter a description of your blog, or a quote that fits with your theme and title. You can also insert a photo into the photo field by choosing the INSERT tab at the top, and selecting PICTURE. Choose a photo from your computer or from an address.

Step 8: Then Welcome People to Your Blog

Click on the three dots that appear at the bottom of the "Welcome to..." blog post. Select EDIT.

Step 9: Write a Welcome Paragraph

Just click inside the text boxes to edit or add text. To make changes to the text, like size or colour, make sure that the FORMAT TEXT tab at the top of this post is selected. Choose the INSERT tab to add a picture, hyperlink or table. You can insert a picture from your computer or from an address.

Step 10: Add a Blog Post

The small menu to the right of your posts is called "Blog Tools." Select "Create a Post."

Step 11: Express Yourself

Enter text into the "Title" and "Body" fields and use the FORMAT TEXT tab that's above to make changes to your font, like size and colour. Use the INSERT tab to insert a hyperlink, table or photo.

Step 12: A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

Use the INSERT tab to insert a hyperlink, table, photo or picture.

Step 13: Choose a Category for Your Blog and a Date

You can choose a category for your post (categories can be changed or added when editing your home page), and then you can choose whatever date you like, keeping in mind that your blog entries will be grouped by the month they were created in.

Step 14: Invite People to Visit Your Blog

In the top right hand corner of your home page, under the cog, select SHARE. Choose "Invite People" and invite them by sending them an email. Ask your friends to comment on your blog post.

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