Make a Nature Themed LEGO Set

Introduction: Make a Nature Themed LEGO Set

This theme includes handmade clay hats and my own ideas. I used lots of green plant like LEGOs and other green LEGOs. Also there are lots of blue and brown LEGOs. Green is for grass, blue is for water, and brown is for mud or dirt.

Step 1: Making the Scene

I used a street plate for the base (I don't have a solid green one) and lots of small green and blue plates. I used flowers and other plants for the scenery.

Step 2: Ladybug and Bunny Hat

I made the ladybug hat and the rabbit hat out of oven bake polymer clay. The people are the king and the queen of the nature village.

Step 3: How to Make Bunny Hat and Wand

This is a bunny hat that I made out of oven bake clay (polymer clay). First I made a ball of clay, then I put it on the Minifigure's head so it looked like that picture. Then I took the top of a dull pencil and pressed in 2 holes to make the holes for the eyes. Next I took two small pieces of black clay and put them in the eye holes. Now on to the next thing, I took two oval like pieces of clay and stuck them on the bunnies head, then took the same dull pencil and drew a line down the middle so it looks like ears.

About the wand, all I did was take a green piece of clay and rolled it into a clay snake sized to fit in the Minifig's hand. Then I used three smallish balls of clay and flattened them down. Then I stuck the flattened circles together at the top of the wand. Then I took a small yellow piece and pressed in the middle to make a flower.

Step 4: Pieces to the Mushrooms

The mushrooms are just flat satellite dish pieces that attach to a cone piece (this one is from a Harry Potter set). Hope you like the dragon.

Step 5: The Mud and Dirt

These are the mud and dirt areas of the scene. There is an arch made of mud which the owl is perched on. I also have rats below the arch.

Step 6: All the Animals

As you can see, I added many animals in this scene; owls, horses, frogs, pigs, mice, rats, spiders, dragons, dogs, and pandas. So many animals!!

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