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Introduction: Make a Night Lamp Under $2

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Yup! Glowing and Beautiful! Who doesn't love those tiny LED's strips? And here is another tutorial to show you a simple night lamp to make your bed side glow with happiness (light, technically ;-) )

For this you will require : 1. An old plastic box (prefer a thin one) 2. An LED Strip, your favorite color. 3. A 9V battery (Well, a 12V telephone adapter will also do) 4. A switch 5. Some solder 6. And some wire. Thats it! Lets get it done!

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Step 1: Attach

1. Attach proper terminals of battery to the strip and add a switch between between any terminal of wire and battery.

Twist the wires and use solder. 2. Wind LED strip around the box. It has built-in stickiness. Use it, as well as some sticking tape, transparent one. 3. As we have taken thin box, make two holes and push the switch in the box.

Step 2: Plastic Bag

1. Use plastic bag on top of the box to store battery. Stick the plastic on the outer surface with tapes.

(Refer images)

Step 3: Switch On!

That's it! Turn that luminescence on and get ready to say "Awesome!" :-)

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