Make a Nightlight Reflection Diffuser With FOIL

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No, I'm not going to bore you with math class. We're going to play with Aluminum Foil!

Here, I am going to show you how to make a a light diffuser that will use the science of reflection. This project is great because it teaches the propeties of diffusion as well as the properties of reflection.

The last pictures is the project without lights.

Step 1: Materials That Shine!

You will need:
A container
Some Aluminum Foil (Tin foil is not as easy to get.)
Light Source

Step 2: Flat Things.

Take the Aluminum foil and cut it out and then, flatten it. Follow the pictures to calculate the size. 

Put the container over the foil upside down and push the foil in.

Push it down good and then start to form it. Be VERY gentle.

Step 3: Shiny...

Although it may be "done" now, it is still not "complete." Smooth the edges down from the side like in the picture.

I've found that adding a second layer to the reflector gives the foil more rigidness so, if one is cracked, the other will cover it.

Now, tape them both down to prevent them from flying off.

Step 4: Complete!

Now it is time to enjoy your wonderful creation. This would work perfectly with my 4017 and 555 night light...

Put it over a light source and face it up (or down) and gaze upon its beautiful reflection...



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