Make a Nuke (polymer Clay)


This instructable will teach you how to make two types of nuke out of polymer clay. These two types are called "Little Boy" and "Fat Man"
(seriously! Search it up).

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Step 1: You Will Need

Polymer clay in black, green, brown, and yellow
A black sharpie

Your hands

Ignore the disgustingly scratched up desk

Step 2: "Little Boy"

Mix the black, green, and brown clay to get a dark olive color. Take about a fourth of the newly mixed clay and set it aside. Roll the remaining part into a cylinder shape. Take the fourth of your chunk of clay and make it into a thick square shape a bit wider than your cylinder. Put the square of clay onto one end of the cylinder and blend to secure. Smooth the surface of the clay out.

Step 3: "Fat Man"

Take about a fifth of your piece of yellow clay and set it aside. Make the bigger piece of yellow clay into a sphere and make the ends a bit tapered. Make the smaller piece of clay and make it into a thick square a bit bigger than the width of the tapered end of the sphere. Put the square onto an end of the tapered sphere, blend the edges and smooth the surface of the clay.

Step 4: Bake

Bake the clay bomb according to the instructions on the packaging of the clay. Tip: bake the clay bombs with a few other of your clay creations to save energy.

Step 5: "Fat Man" (again)

Use the sharpie to draw the pattern on your clay "Fat Man" as shown in the photos.

Step 6: Finished!

You're done!

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