Make a Passive Amplifier for Your Phone With a X-Carve CNC

Introduction: Make a Passive Amplifier for Your Phone With a X-Carve CNC

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Make a Passive Amplifier for your Phone with a X-Carve CNC

CNC project making a passive amplifier for your phone that actually works with an X-Carve CNC machine from Inventables

Learn how to use Inventables software to make this simple passive amplifier for your phone with a CNC machine.

You can find links to the free plans here

For all my Free projects you can follow this link and open any of them straight in easel and start carving.

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Step 1: Layout Your Plans in

Using Inventables CNC software you can quickly combine circles of various sizes and depths to make the cone to amplify the sound using the align tools.

The YouTube video will show this in more detail is free online software for X-Carve and other CNC machines.

Step 2: Clamp It Up

Clamp the project to the X-Carve cnc machine, you can follow this link for the free plans in easel you can use on your X-Carve to cut them out.

For the workpiece i just used 2 pieces of framing timber about 150mm long and laminated them together, i smoothed them up with a handplane

Step 3: Carve It Out With the X-Carve CNC

Press Carve in and let the X-Carve cnc machine work its magic and carve out the cone and phone holder.

Step 4: Apply the Finish

Sand the project and then apply some Danish oil with a rag, Danish oil gives a nice close to the wood feel. Danish oil is a mix of tung oils and varnish.

I also used a Veritas block plane to chamfer the edges

Step 5: Last Step

Put your phone in and listen to some sweet tunes.

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    5 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Wonderful idea, no electricity needed for the amp! Just wonder if our poor guys without a CNC macine could replicate it in some way with ordinary tools?


    4 years ago

    Very cool and original amplifier... Thanks