Make a Pocket Zoo!




Introduction: Make a Pocket Zoo!

Do you ever find yourself bored out of your mind at restaurants, waiting hours on end with nothing to do? Well now your problem is solved! With the new Pocket Zoo, you and/or your children can be entertained for eternity! This is a pretty simple project, so let's get started!
For this project you need:
>>>1 sheet of white card stock
>>>an empty mint tin
>>>a pencil
>>>a ruler
>>>colored pencils
>>>lots of different colored felt
>>>a needle and thread

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Step 1: Make the Background!

First of all, we'll make the background for the zoo. This is made up of inter-connecting paper pieces that can be rearranged in any way.

Take a piece of white card stock, and trace the perimeter of your mint tin on it. Cut out this shape. You can make as many of these pieces as you want, they will be your background sections.

Next, draw two lines on your pieces. Mine were about 1.5cm (1/2 inch) from the sides, and about 2cm (0.75 inches) from the top/bottom. Draw the lines on oppositely so that one space is at the top and one space is at the bottom. (Please look at the picture, I can't explain this very well :D) I also made a little ruler out of scrap paper so I didn't have to measure each one.

Cut on the vertical lines!

*Hint- you may have to cut your background pieces a bit smaller than what you traced so they can fit inside the tin.
And yes, I know I cut the lines wrong in the last picture. It was an accident!

Step 2: Decorate!

Now that your pieces are all cut out, it's time to color them! I drew zoo-themed scenes with different animals on each piece. I decorated both sides of each card, so there are more options when setting it up. Be creative!

Your pieces should be able to easily connect to each other, like in the pictures.

Step 3: Make the Animals!

Now that you have your zoo, you need some animals to live in it! Of course you could always draw some paper animals, but I think felt is more fun. If you don't know how to do some simple sewing, check out this other instructable by jessyratfink: 

Anyways, first cut out your pattern pieces, trace them on to felt, and cut out the felt. You can use the picture above or make your own.

Then position the arms, legs etc between the two body pieces and stitch around the edge. I used matching thread because this is not the technique where you turn the animal inside out.

I drew the faces on with a permanent fabric marker but if you're really ambitious you could do some embroidery.

For animals like the bird, stitch the beak on before you stitch the limbs and body together.

(I think the picture size should be good if you print it at 100%. If you can print it.)

Step 4: Hooray!

Now your zoo is pretty much complete! You can put all your animals and backgrounds in your tin and conveniently carry them wherever you go. Of course you can always decorate your mint tin too. I didn't decorate the outside of mine, but I turned the inside into an otter pool and a popcorn stand. Also, be creative! You don't have to make a zoo, you could create a dollhouse, or a desert, or a magical unicorn fairy kingdom! Have fun! 

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