Make a Police Baton




Introduction: Make a Police Baton

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I've seen these on TV and wanted to get one just for the heck of it, but then I thought about making one myself.

Step 1: Materials

You need about 2 feet of 1/2 inch PVC pipe, 1 T joint, and 3 end caps.

PVC glue is also recommended unless you don't mind your police baton falling apart all the time.
Your also going to need a saw to cut the pieces to the right lengths.

Step 2: Connect the Pieces

Cut lengths of PVC pipe about:

Piece 1: from the length from your fist to your elbow
Piece 2: an inch wider than the width of your hand
Piece 3: 4 inches long

Then connect the pieces as shown below.
(Glue them together if you can)

Step 3: Other Stuff

These aren't going to be as durable as police-grade ones, so they might break after awhile. I will probably spray paint mine so it is not just white and boring. I covered the handle with duct tape to sort of act as a grip.




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    If I'm not mistaken these are considered to be deadly weapons in most states and can only be legally used by law enforcement or the military. Unlike other weapon-shaped objects (baseball bats, wrenches, Maglite flashlights), these things have only one purpose and that is to hurt someone. In the hands of a trained and practiced user, they are awesome weapons. In the hands of a novice, in addition to the obvious skull crushing and poking injuries, you could easily, and accidentally, break bones, disassemble joints, tear ligaments, or cause blood clots that could kill the victim later on. If you were holding the weapon and an accident like that happened, you would pay the consequences.

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    when you're using PVC like this, chance are the baton will break before any bones do...

    This is exactly the problem. Because this baton is made from plastic, the intuition is that it will break before bones will. Bones aren't that strong and for the most part we don't have enough meat on them to provide adequate protection to stop a hard blow from a baton like this. 3/4-inch PVC is extremely sturdy material and much heavier than most of your more exposed bones. I'm not going to teach you how or which ones, but this tool could break most of the bones in your body. If you need a stage prop, make one out of paper mache or cardboard.

    This isn't really dangerous until made solid, I wouldn't want to get hit with it all the same, then again ever felt the pain of a real one? I think this is a great idea for stage props etc. but with trigger happy police I'd say keep it out of the public eye...

    Not to mention a cop who rolls up on him/her holding it after it is painted black and feels that they are in danger and draws on them as he/she tries to explain that it is a toy ... Nice for practice or a prop tho if you leave it white

    You should've put the Disclaimer at the beginning.

    cool! Now you too can be Sonny Bonds of the lytton police department!

    Fill it with sand, that will put some momentum behind it. It will also increase it's density, and therefore decrease the chance of breaking. But, like you have stated, make this at your own risk.

    Real police batons slide Small to long so theres a idea Something like two holes either side at the bottom OF a small pipe that a big pipe slides down and clicks in place so its easy to carry on a belt Plus you can fill it up with popcorn kernals For fun lol

    This is mine. I mod it a bit by filling it with sand and putting duct tape in the handle so I have a better grip. I also spraypaint it black.


    wow...u ppl have some really random a good project i might make one outa somthin else..or make it outa PVC like u did and then Paper Meche it then paint it black or somthin...i dunno..i might not have time O.O