Make a Popsicle Stick Helicopter

Introduction: Make a Popsicle Stick Helicopter

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We just want to show how craft making really is fun, when you apply both art and science in a project.
It even gets interesting when recycling used and trash materials to make a project.

Here watch our detailed build.

Step 1: The Reason Why I Build This

My nephew was a lover of flying toy machines, one day he said he's tired of creating and building plans on a standard way, but what if we do in an extraordinary way , whether it flies or not.. just if we do it in other way, and i said what if we do it in our household materials and other craft materials. So that how it starts.

Step 2: Imagination Is the Key

When planning on building one of this crafts, you need first imagine what could be look like on pre-build to the final build. in this instructable is a helicopter. We have this materials, junk materials and we tried to imaginate what could be the looks of the build.

Step 3: All the Build Pictures

This is some pictures of the build process.

Step 4: Please Watch the Build Process



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    exactly i was wondering that myself, if it could fly.