Make a Poseable "Rubber" Hand





Introduction: Make a Poseable "Rubber" Hand

Need a hand? How about two? How many you need doesn't matter anymore. You can make a hand to hang off of your fence, from the ceiling, you could even make two and have them "hold" the candy for the trick or treaters.

First, before the bendable hand, I'll show you the quickie hand (without the food coloring, forgot to add it) for the cases where you might be in a rush.

1. Rubber glove (latex/non-latex)
2. Flour, water, and food coloring
3. Elastic band
4. Red marker
5. Spoon and container
6. Tape or glue

1. Mix flour and water together (add food coloring here). Keep adding flour until you get a dough-like substance.
2. Place the "dough" into the rubber glove.
3. Elastic band the opening shut and tape/glue the end underneath the glove.
4. Use the marker to "paint" blood on the wrist.

Yay, that's all there is to make the quick version. Now onto the better, pose-able version.

Note: Parts will go bad (grow mold) after about 2 weeks, so be sure to toss after done using.

Step 1: Making a Poseable Hand

Now onto the more exciting "Poseable Hand" design.

1. Rubber glove
2. Flour, water, food coloring
3. Elastic Band and a thumb tack
4. Spoon and container
5. A third "hand" (magnet stuck to the side of a metal bucket works)
6. Tin Foil
7. Scissors and Paper clips
8. Oven and timer

1. Preheat the oven to 335 degrees (F)
2. Make up some yellow "rubber mixture":
3. Bend 5 paper clips straight
4. Attach your rubber glove to your "third hand" (I placed the glove between the magnet and metal bucket to hold it up).
5. Put a paper clip into each of the fingers. Pour your mixture into the glove leaving enough room for a small air bubble.
6. Elastic band the opening closed. Place the glove in the oven on a sheet of foil.
7. Using the thumb tack, poke about 5 small holes near the wrist, but in the air bubble.
8. Set the timer for 30 to 35 minutes (you can cook more than one at a time).
9. Take the glove out on the foil and allow 30 minutes for it to cool. It has hot wires in the glove.
10. Cut off the frayed (melted) opening of the glove (leave the elastic band on) and mix up a small batch of red "rubber mixture". Apply the red mixture to the wrist to make it look bloody.
11. Place glove in oven for 5 minutes and take it back out.

There you have it. Takes more effort, but the effect is worth it.
Video is attached below



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    15 Discussions

    i need to make light hands, without foam, and without this is too heavy for what im using it for. could you help me make some? i have very limited resources.

    Tool Using Animal made an instructable recently using Great Stuff and by the way its not sticky unless you let it dry (sorry about not saying that beFore)

    Great stuff is instant foam in a can. Its lightweight, needs some time to dry, and avalible at hardware stores under the pluming section/ its sticky, so grease it with gasoline and butter

    1 reply

    I've used "Instant expanding foam" before (Don't know what brand) and it wasn't sticky.... I'll have to see what the local hardware store is carrying to see if they got any.

    Cool idea, Man I just LOVE halloween instead of the "rubber mix", why not grease the glove, and fill it with Great Stuff?

    1 reply

    Well it's really that similar to yours, it does use gloves, but okay i'll trake a break from phy 2048 and whip one up and post it ina day or soo, when it dries.

    1 reply

    That's fine, it's another way to make hands for props. And if you do it the way I think you do it, then it would be a better, faster way then my "Quickie Hands"...

    I agree with Murf, post it anyways (with my "blessing" :P ). Not all people have rubber gloves in their homes, so may not be able to do my version. BTW, I placed one of these outside and one of the cats decided to try to eat it. He didn't get very far before he realized it didn't taste very good. All he really did was make a small hole at the wrist area, but the hand was solid so it didn't come out.

    French, I make these with great stuff foam, I was gonna do an instructable but guess you beat me, mine aren't posable either, but I\'ll use your idea. one benefit of the foam is they last forever.

    1 reply

    Would you mind posting the instructable anyways?? It's always nice to have a few different ways to do something (even if the products are slightly different) becuase one may work for some but not for others :P Thanks that would be greatly appreciated.