Make a PowerPoint Sprite Battle

Introduction: Make a PowerPoint Sprite Battle

About: I am a huge fan of AC/DC, Harry Potter , Lord of the Rings, and Pokemon. I love animating, reading, image editing, and learning new chords on my guitar.I can often be found in my room listening to ac/dc or GNR.

DISCLAIMER: I'm sorry there's no photos, I don't have a camera, and I don't know how to save any on my PC.

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Step 1: The Sprites

Make the sprites by getting two or more off this link: , paste them onto some graphics editing program, such as ms paint or photoshop and look up a spriting tutorial on youtube if you don't know how to sprite. make two sprites, and open PowerPoint. NOTE: This is for PowerPoint 2007 and 2003. Some of the attack effects cannot be made in 2003, so comment if you want a certain effect.

Step 2: How to Open PowerPoint

To open PowerPoint click these buttons: Start>All Programs>Microsoft Office>Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003/2007
Or, you can just search.

Step 3: Finally, the Animating Begins

For the background(no you do not get the sprites yet) Go to Google,and type in something like Hope Slide, Moon, Forest, you get the idea, find the image you like, copy it, paste it on PowerPoint, and enlarge it to the size of the white place on the screen. Finally  open the paint file with one of your sprites on it.

Step 4: Putting the Sprites on PowerPoint

Copy the sprites onto PowerPoint. Q: But there's white all around it! A: In 2003, it is very simple. Right-click the sprite. There will be a box that pops up. Click the eyedropper thingy then click the white on your sprite. Boom. Gone. In 2007, it's a little bit harder. I'll show you. PRO TIP: add a color that the sprite does not have in it (other than black, white ,or gray) and do it. This prevents all the white in the sprite from going transparent.

Step 5: Attacks

For example if you wanted to use Wing Attack here is what you would do:Google a wing, copy it, paste it on PowerPoint and enlarge it to the desired size, and place it on the foe, right click the Pokemon that's using it, click custom animation click add effect click motion paths and click the direction the foe is and make the path long enough to touch the foe.

Step 6: Hp

For hp it is not as easy as slide transition but it is still easy. for hp place your sprite that is losing hp onto a white background, make a rectangle about 3" long and 1/2" tall,double-click it and make the fill black, do this another time but make it shorter as in length then the black one and make it the respective color. her`s a guide for which colors to make them: 100% or under= green 60% or under:= yellow 25%or under = red

Step 7: Slide Transition

OK this step is SIMPLE. Slide show>Slide Transition>Advance slide >automatically after>00:00 replace the last 0 with a 1 for the slides without major text. For the ones with major text do 5-30 seconds.

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