Make a Powerful Generator From a Dead BLDC Motor:




Introduction: Make a Powerful Generator From a Dead BLDC Motor:

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In this instructable, I'm going to teach you how to convert a dead Brushless DC motor into a powerful 3-phase energy generator.

The process is really simple and after going through this instructable, i am sure you will be able to do it for yourself.

The absence of brushes in them makes it unique when compared to other generators because its efficiency is much greater than the brushed ones that undergo losses because of the friction.

When a bldc Motor motor stops working.It is usually it's driving circuit that dies.

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Step 1: Desoldering:

The first step is always to desolder the three phase armature windings from the circuit as shown in the picture.

After doing that, you have to open up all the important parts as shown.

Be careful while doing that cause you don't want to damage any important circuitry.

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Step 2: Making the Generator:

You will see three terminals on the armature winding from the bldc motor.

Now what you have to do is, take 3 wires and solder them to the terminals coming from the armature winding of the bldc motor.Place some insulation tape at the joints to prevent short circuit while operation.

Discard the driving PCB that was initially attached to the bldc motor.

ASSEMBLE everything back as before excluding the PCB.

Your generator is ready now.

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Step 3: Generator Tests:

In the pics, you can see that I have used a rectifier to convert the output three phase AC from the brushless generator into DC.

Originally it was a single phase rectifier which I converted into three phase.

Make a 3-phase rectifier at home.

If you do not want to convert or make a 3 phase rectifier, you can simply buy it.

So anyways, after you have the three phase rectifier, what you have to do is connect its three terminal to the terminals of the generator that you are made.

Now, you will be left with only two terminals from the rectifier.These two terminals are for the DC output.

Just connect the DC output terminals to a multi-meter or some DC load and rotate the shaft of the generator.It should glow the bulb or show some reading on the multimeter as can be seen in the pics.

So that was all for this instructable guys.



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    7 Discussions

    Cool idea. Could you suggest what types of equipment (in general) have the brushless motors these days? I know ceiling fans do, but they aren't 3-phase (at least the ones in an American home are not). And I remember people using motors from old business computers that used those big reel-to-reel tape drives for data.

    1 reply

    Please do no post those shortened links to unknown sites, personally I would never click anything like that. Nice idea but very lean instructable.

    1 reply

    Ohh! Thanks for telling that although those are genuine sites like youtube, pinterest, free webstore etc.

    Old PC Disc Drives use them both internal and external types

    I do not have the bandwidth to watch utube videos . Could you explain how you made a 3 phase rectifier please from a single phase?

    1 reply