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Today I will show you how to make a padlock chain necklace and it's very cheap and easy. Hell you may even have the materials lying around your house! Many punks wear this and it's part of their style. Sid Vicious and Tim Armstrong are two punks that I have seen wear this a lot. Here is what we will need to get started!

Step 1: Materials

1) A padlock of some sort
2) A Chain
3) A padlock key (that's how you take it off, it is VERY important that you do NOT lose this key or else you will be stuck with a chain around your neck and it'll take a chain cutter to get the chain off. NOT FUN!)

Now with that little warning outta the way. let's begin shall we? :)

Step 2: Where Can I Find This Stuff?

That is a good question. Here are a few suggestions:

a) a 99 cent store
b) a hardware store
c) a pet supplies store - do note that you will pay much more if you get the chain from here. if you want to save money then really try the 99 cent store(s) and hardware store(s) first.
d) also, if you have an old wallet chain that you DO NOT need anymore, then that would help too.

Best of luck in gathering your materials :)

Step 3: Step 1

1) Take off any keyrings from the chain. both sides should not have any keyrings on it. If you got your chain at a pet supplies store then cut off the leash part because you will not be needing it.

Step 4: Step 2

2) open up the padlock with the key

Step 5: Step 3

3) place both ends of the chain around the padlock loop

Step 6: Step 4

4) swing pad lock around and close it.

Step 7: Conclusion/Rock On

The End. There you have it. A very simple, cheap and fun little instructable. I know it's pretty self-explanatory but figured I would share this one with you all. Hope you found this instructable useful and keep on rockin'!



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    1 year ago

    You can use a code lock.

    Gift for a sleeping person can be fun and cool!

    Results from a survey by the Punk Foundation of what happened to all those punk chain padlock necklaces......

    35% - remained sober enough to remember what they'd done with the key.

    Of the remaining 65%, 34% got themselves to the fire brigade to have it cut off.

    Of this 34%, 4% were told the chain was too strong to cut so go away.

    Of the 35% who were stuck with it, 20% just remained lifetime punks

    11% took to wearing scarves, ties and polo neck shirts even in summer (and stopped playing football and swimming)

    3% never went anywhere except after dark

    1% Couldn't go anywhere even after dark as their girlfriends had tethered them to the bed with their chain.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    but apart from that it is pretty kewl , might be better to have a necklace closey-thing on the bit that goes behind ur neck that way it would be less annoying putting it on in the morning and you wouldnt have to worry about losing the key

    2 replies

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Screw the key. When Sid Vicious was given his padlock necklace as a gift from Chrissy Hynde of the Pretenders at one of his parties, she warned him to NOT lose the keys! The first thing Sid did was flush the keys down the toilet. How cool is that!? Of course, Sid's Mom loaned the necklace to Gary Oldman while filming the movie-so he is wearing Sid's necklace in the movie! I have to wonder-how did they get the necklace off and intact w/o a key?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    even though the key is small, i put it on a keyring along with my keys ;) but if you wanted, you can probably get a small clippy to put on it like you said. i'd rather do the key method but that's me lol.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    idk how many times ive seen someone wear one of these but it never occurred to me to make one for myself. make sure your chain is big enough for the lock to go through, my first attempt was a waste of 2 bucks of chain lol.

    damn. people on instructables are getting so disrespectful. this one just happens to have a chain of comments that exemplifies that. i laugh at and also pity a few of the users down there. "Poseur", is my favorite. I thought the origin of punk was a near shocker effect, anything out of the norm; tattoos, piercings, mutilated clothing, "outrageous" hair, all that jazz. It seems to me that those who argue over the "punkness"(sorry couldn't think of a better way to say it) are the true posers. The main thing about Punk that so many fail to realize is that punk is Respectful Rebellion.

    4 replies

    i agree with you. i posted this instructable in hopes to help others but many people are close-minded idiots so that's why i'm being called a "poseur" and such. here's a quote and it should go for anyone that i heard today: "rebellion is in your mind. it's not the clothes you look like a soldier" that was in a movie talking about how some guy thought he was punk. she was pointing out to the main character that he looks just like all the other punks. if people don't want to agree with my instructable they should do so with respect. thanks for your comment :) it's refreshing to see that some people out there still have brain cells lol.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I was just wondering what movies is that quote from? cause it sounds like a cool one!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    i did this before, but i used one of those FIRE RESISTANT HEAVY DUDY BULKY MASTER LOCKS. It was a little heavy, just a little.  a little bugger than this one.

    1 reply

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Come on, I love the necklace (kudos) but being punk is being different and saying f*** off to the major corporations of the world and doing everything yourself, originality is the key, but if you like something, than by god make it, or buy it.