Make a RC Boat From Old RC Car


Introduction: Make a RC Boat From Old RC Car

These is simple and easy steps to convert an old RC car to  RC boat.

Step 1: Materials

1.RC car
2.cork plate
3.plastic container
4.plastic card
6.super glue

Step 2: Placing Parts on the Cork Plate

see the photos.

Step 3: The Plastic Container

1:hole for the on/off switch
2:hole for the DC jack
3 and 4 :holes for the shaft

Step 4: Steering the Boat

using the same steering motor for the RC car.
we need to make a fan from the plastic card.

see the photos.
use superglue to connects the pieces.

Step 5: Set Up the Motors in the Front and Back

you need to make a rectangular hole in the front for the steering motor.
set up the plastic container (see the second photo).

Step 6: Finish

charging first....
then enjoy your new boat.. :D



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    24 Discussions

    thnx mischka,you mean the back paddle wheels, it is the same back wheels of the car i just cut off the outer skin.
    if your car's wheels doesn't in the same structure like these above, you can easily make two paddles same as the front one(from plastic card).

    Boaty Mc. boat face! ;)

    Wow, interesting. I can't figure out just how the STEERING works?



    2 years ago

    can the boat still float WITH the HOLE in the bottom

    how did you make the front wheel

    this will totally sink cos you cut your cuts way too deep. ABANDON SHIP!!!!!!!! Blub Blub Blub Blub

    Can you share video and some more information related to this.i have to turn my Rc boat im gonna go from my old rc car to a amature rc boat but i have no clue on the turning please help.....

    1 reply

    Hi Berry, actually I made this boat to my cousin's son so it is no longer with me. But if you could send me some pictures for your work and tell me more about what you need to do exactly, I can help you for that.
    have a great day!

    Thanks for sharing such a nice information about RC Boat.Many people enjoy boating. So It is a good attempt to build rc boat from an rc car.

    1 reply

    oh thats really a great information i'm looking first time this kind of post about to build a RC Boat from an old Rc car. thank you very much for this information.

    1 reply

    does your product worked? i mean, umm, i'm sorry but does the materials can endure the water? can they not be affected when it is placed in it? and also, does you car has 4 wheels? if yes, what happened to the others? i'm sorry for bothering you but your answer is badly needed for our project. thank you :D

    1 reply

    Hello, thanks for your comment.
    Sure it worked probably.
    If u see the plastic container cover the material and I use silicone stick to fill the gaps between the container and the plate.
    Ofcourse the car has 4 wheels,The back wheels is the paddles now and there is no need to the fornt wheels so i just take the front motor and used it for steering.
    Remeber always use silicone or insulation tape to protect the parts from water.
    If u need any help please tell me.

    Sweet what kind of car did you use and did u tear the whole engine out?