Make a REAL Laser Rifle!





Introduction: Make a REAL Laser Rifle!

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Yes, and it's not one of those dumb movie props, its the real thing! I only had a 5 mw laser, but YOU can put in a 500 watt one so it will cut through metal! (Or should I say "shoot"...) Then, I would advise you to make this out of metal. 

Let's get started! 

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

1 flip-open cardboard box.
1 binocular/scope
1 tube, preferably metal. (I used plastic, but that stuff bends...)
1 pen-sized laser, or whatever type of laser you want to put in there.
1 glue gun.
5-8 glue sticks.
coloring materials.
1 scissors.
1 box cutter.
1 red and white flashlight
tissue paper

Step 2: Making the Stock

 Grab your flip-open box, and and make a v-shaped cut into the back. Make sure the top can still flip open. Once you have done that, cover that up with cardboard. Also, make a little cut into the back for the laser to smoothly slide into. DO NOT cut it entirely off, but instead, fold it in. This will provide resistance for your laser so it will not slide around while using it.

Step 3: Cut the Tube to Size and Adding Misc.

 The smaller, the easier to handle. I worked with about a foot and a half. (0.457 meters) 
Make sure the tube is as straight as possible. After you cut it, sand the ends of the tube so they are flat, level, and smooth. Insert the tube into the box. The one from step 2. Also: add your scope, I had to use binoculars, and cut a box hole in the front for the "Armed" sign.

Step 4: "Armed" Sign, and Flashlight

 That hole you cut in front , cover it with masking tape. Grab a Kleenex, write "Armed" on it, cut it to size, and stick it to the back of the tape, in the box. Grab a red flashlight, and tape/glue to be right behind the "Armed" sign. Now, cut a hole on the side so you can turn it on without opening the box. Next, cut a square hole in the bottom and place a LED flashlight right there. MAke sure you cut a second hole to turn it on. 

Step 5: Firing

 Now, I don't exactly have a super powerful laser, but you can retrofit it so it fits your needs. 

I will tell you this rifle is perfect for shooting at city info signs. (Stop signs, speed limit signs, etc.)
The signs will light up like fire if you have a good laser, and you can do it from almost a mile away. That i what the scope/binocular is for. Heheheheeee.... 

Anyway...Happy shooting!

Any eye injury is your problem. I take NO responsibility for your loss of eyesight, or any other innocent creature you happen to blind.





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    24 Discussions

    Does this work?

    Does it hurt living thing very much

    1-5 watts will not cut through metal. Metal cutting lazors are at a minimum 400w and that is just for very thin sheets. Generaly 1.5 KW+ lasers are used for cutting metal.

    2 replies

     Okay, I know that. But you can pop balloons and cut tape. Besides, you spelled "lazer" wrong. It has an "s"....Thanks for the heads up, though.

    Can you give more detailed instruction on how to assemble the laser tube part? Also, is the laser behind the binocular piece, or is the binocular just for looking through?

    How many watts are needed to pop balloons and/or cut paper?


    you could upgrade the power of the laser by attatching a car battery to the laser's circuits. which would make it more than capable as a hunting rifle.

    1 reply

    im not trying to put any ideas down, but that is a lot of weight and a lot of watts. i will not suggest that because it may kill the laser diode. too many watts going into a laser diode will result in it being dead or just a hole in your body. so i advise you to BE CAUTIOUS! it really depends on the driver your use, which makes it safe and powerful.

    The way this is built it is essentialy a movie prop, what you should look into is a diy co2 laser tube and buy a toy gun and put the laser tube into it :)

    1 reply

    You state that this is not a dumb movie prop, but it's made of cardboard and hot glue. Movie props would be of higher quality.
    Also, good lighting is essential for decent photographs.
    Finally, how is this a rifle?

    1 reply

    Yeah, I need to upload my newer model. It looks more like an X-m8, and is pretty awesome. This gun here is......well....yeah.....Let me try to upload a new stock of photos and instructions.

    I have a feeling that if you stick a couple of lasers on the end opposite of the place you look at, it's gonna amplify the laser even further (just a heads up, picked up the idea from a really long discussion with a fellow i'bler regarding a solar laser).

    I would like a more Sci-Fi Look-a-like rifle maybe a "PeacaMaker" in Fallout gun.

    Please reply.

    Lector. (sweden)

    3 replies

     Hmmm.....You know, I think I am going to remake the body, so it will look way cooler. Thanks for your advice! :)

     Well, I'm sure you could pull one together. I just did this in around 10 minutes, so it was not supposed to look cool. 

    I have to make a coilgun for the science faire at our school, so check back soon and I might one ready for you that looks really cool.