Make a Rechargeable Pocket LED Flood Light [ Altoids Tin ]




Introduction: Make a Rechargeable Pocket LED Flood Light [ Altoids Tin ]

In this instruct-able i will show you how to Make a Rechargeable Pocket LED Flood Light,  what you will need,   altoids tin,    12 volt lithium battery pack with charger,   24 led light panel,   1 male 12v. connector,   heat shrink tube,  silicone,   2 small magnets.    tool required - wire cutter/strippers.  lighter.  this is available on Ebay at this link

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Step 1: Led Light Panel

take your led light panel and remove peel & stick pad from the back, coat the back with a thin layer of silicone to keep it from shorting out if it touches the tin, let the silicon dry for a few hours, apply a thick layer of silicone to the back of the panel and press it on to the inside of the lid near the top center allow to dry over night.

Step 2: Battery Pack

The battery pack has a switch & 2 wires coming out of it, one with a male connector [power out] and one with a female connector [for charging] , place the battery pack in the tin, the light panel will come with some adapters, one end of an adapter will have a plug and the other end will have a light socket of some sort, cut the wires close to the socket and throw away the socket, strip the wires, cut 2 pieces of shrink tube about 1" long and slide them on the wires, take you female connector and strip the wires &  twist the wires together [red to red & black to black], solder the wires, slide the shrink tube over the connections and heat with a lighter to seal the connections, plug in the adapter plug and plug in the male from the battery into the female connector that you just made, turn on the switch to test, turn off the switch when not in use or when it is closed, to recharge the battery plug the charger into an ac outlet and plug the female connector from the battery into the male connector from the charger, the lights on the charger will tell you when it is charged, stick the 2 magnets to the top inside of the tin lid, they help keep the lid closed. 

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    where did you get the 12v lithium battery pack?


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