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What is up guys, In this instructable I will show you how I made a reverse steering bicycle from scrap parts, gears and two old bike. I Hope you will enjoy it.

Step 1: Removing Parts From Bike

I firstly untighten steering handlebars and remove all unnecesarry cables and nuts from both bikes.

This is an optional step, but I would suggest you remove most of the parts you won't actually need to ride a bike.

The gears!! As you probaby know, most of such gears could cost you quite a bit of money, so I search for some used motorcycle gears and I found two pieces for less than 10€.

They are from Tomos APN motorbike but you can really use any kind of gears you have on at the moment.

So, the plan is to narrow down this scrap pipe so the gear could fit on and also increase the inner diameter so it could slide on the handbar with no problems.

Step 2: Cutting Bike Frame and Welding

Now, that We have all pieces machined and ready, We need to cut off the second bike's steering bearing and weld it back on the first bike.

Be sure to leave enough space between both steering bearing because It might not be enough space for the gear at the final assembly.

I cut it a bit too short but at least I managed to weld it in place with a few tacks and it holds strong enough for such use.

Last thing We need to do is to weld both gears on each steering bearing and cover the grinded surface with black paint. And here we have a reverse steering bicycle.

Step 3: Testing the Bike

At first it has been really hard to switch in my brains to turn in the opposite way as I was used to but after 15 minutes I kindly managed to ride a few meter without any problems. Some folks said this is almost impossible to ride but really if you spend some time on the bike and practice your skill you will eventually learn how to ride it such as normal bike.

That is all for today, Thank you for reading this instructable, if you have any questions, please ask them and I would love to give you an answer.


Step 4: Watch Video

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    7 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Ive seen this as a carnival game, where they set up a short distance you had to ride to win the prize.


    1 year ago

    What is the purpose for doing this, reversing the steering direction?

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    It's probably a great theft deterrent, lol!


    1 year ago

    i agree with koolman its a well exicuted idea but the problem just so happenns to BE the idea. i think a bike like this would make me crash alot


    1 year ago

    I certainlly don't want to bust my thanks.


    1 year ago

    I've seen some fun videos of people learning to ride that way, it looks difficult!