Make a Safety Razor in One Minute

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In last month I had a interview, and

I had planned my shaving in morning. but at that morning I was unable to find my shaving kit and so I need built this one. I used it only once but it worth to take a look as it is need based contraption.

I consider it as worlds most dangerous safety razor , as it is using open razor.

I have good knowledge to use razor as I did apprentice training in barber shop. so if you wish to use it then have some knowledge from experience person, do a practice without using blade.

This is made in almost a minute, If you think this is too fast then take look at my other razor project which took almost two days to make.

Step 1: Material Required

  • M6 bolt and two nuts
  • two M6 Washer
  • Razor blade

If you look closely, then you will find one washer is rusted, I not used that one but other washers also have some rust. keep this in mind - do not use any rusted part which can be in contact with your open cut/wounds.

Step 2: Plates From Washer

  • Fix two washer in bench vice. (precisely align and fix, half portion over clamps - pic 1)
  • gently hammer it to bend it, approximate angle is 160 deg.
  • with help of plier bend edge of washer to 90 deg. (It will act as stopper for safety purpose)

Step 3: Assembly

  • first install a nut over bolt
  • then add a washer with edge down position.
  • add blade
  • add second washer with edge opposite to previous washer.
  • tight second nut, make sure it must not loose.

Step 4: Safety and Precautions

This is pure contraption which I used in an emergency. I never use it again.

consider safety before making and using it. It is too dangerous.

Please take advice of some experienced person before use it.

(I don't think last pic is appropriate, please let me know if you are also thinking same. I will delete it )

Thanks for reading :)

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    7 Discussions


    2 years ago

    You should of called this instructable

    "Make a UnSafety Razor in One Minute" ˚˚-)

    3 replies
    bhavik zureliquidhandwash

    Reply 2 years ago

    Actually I want to name it as

    "Most dangerous and unsafe Razor in a minute"

    but later I change my decision, by the way thanks for suggestion.

    I am not answering you back just explaining what I think.

    Every tool/machine can be dangerous if user don't know how to use it. We daily uses knife for various purpose but if we carefully use it, then their are very little chances to get cut.

    Same with any automobile, if driver don't know how to drive then their is always chance for accident.

    so it is depend on user and also on machine/ tool i.e 50 % + 50%, It means accident can also happen if user is skilled but machine misbehave or tool is faulty.

    liquidhandwashbhavik zure

    Reply 2 years ago

    Sorry its hard to convey tone in text, i was trying to be funny. I wonldnt use you razor myself, but im not trolling just poking a bit of fun.

    bhavik zureliquidhandwash

    Reply 2 years ago

    no need to say sorry sir,

    I also take it as funny, but just want to say what i feel about safety.


    2 years ago

    Sooner you than me and I'm reasonably adept with an open razor.