Make a Scandinavia Knife




Introduction: Make a Scandinavia Knife

Do this takes about one week, half-wasted a lot of time together it just a few days.
I'm very sorry,I will not say too much English,and thanks for watching.

PS:Well,If you can speak Chinese, maybe we can talk more about it.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

-Spring steel plate(Thickness 4mm)
-Ebony block
-The bone pieces(Thickness 5mm)
-Rosewood block

-Angle grinder
-Thick file
-The clamp bench
-Sand paper(360#600#800#1000#1500#2000#)
-Charger(for electrolyze pattern)
-Sticky notes

Step 2: Cut Type

Steel cut down in accordance with the pattern.

Step 3: Polished Edge Line

In accordance with the drawn lines, polished blade.

Step 4: Shank Assembly

The ebony and rosewood and bone cut to size.

Step 5: Polished Blade

Each blade polished with sandpaper will.

Step 6: Electrolysis Pattern(1)

Design pattern, wrap blade with sticky notes to electrolysis.

Step 7: Electrolysis Pattern(2)

Electrolysis complete pattern emerged.

Step 8: Knife Tongue Treatment

To prevent the tongue and the knife handle unglued, making the knife gap tongue.

Step 9: Shank Assembly

The handle parts are assembled one by one

Step 10: Shank Repairing(1)

After bonding with a file handle sub repair a shape.

Step 11: Shank Repairing(2)

Sub file chestnut dressing.

Step 12: Polished Shank

Individually polished with sandpaper holder

Step 13: Finishing Touches

Tool is not touched, the letter can be used to remove or decompose tea.
In the end, thanks for watching!



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    23 Discussions

    Absolutely beautiful! You inspired me to make one.

    Beautiful knife!

    I've just gotta say, I've seen a lot of etching, and this one is by for the cleanest and prettiest one I've seen. Also, that handle looks beautiful, I've always been partial to ebony. Great Instructable!

    Thank you so much for this. Its really somthing i will do it soon.

    Be happy always

    Verry nice knife, how did you cut the patern in the tape you used as a mask?

    1 reply

    I‘m sorry, this says a lot of trouble, I will be free to publish an electrolytic method specifically explain, please pay attention to when it comes.thank you!

    Bones are made ​​with market bought corbels, I will have the opportunity to upload production methods