Make a Scooby Doo Haunted House Room

Introduction: Make a Scooby Doo Haunted House Room

For Halloween last year, I wanted to make a haunted house for our annual party. It was my job to create a small haunted house for the guests to walk through to get to the party. It had to be in the hallway or my bedroom( it has an entrance to the party). I chose the bedroom because of more space and used the hallway for decor. The hallway was blocked. A diagram is pictured.These are steps on how to make a haunted room.

Step 1: Getting Your Idea

One the most crucial parts of a successful scare is the theming. I chose Scooby Doo because it is a classic people of all stages enjoy. If your party has more adults, you can use a gorier or sexier theme. I also got some inspiration from THE HAUNTED HOUSE ride at Ocean City MD.

Step 2: Props ( Right Side)

Props also play a huge part in a haunted house.

For my scooby theme, for the right side of my room I took an old scooby-doo costume I had from 3rd grade and stuffed it with towels. I put him in a chest  with a zombie and a ghost.

For the zombies and ghosts, I took a broom, an old black t-shirt and a mask. I draped the shirt over the broom an put on the mask. I either leaned them on a wall or had them standing up, wedged between 2 dictionaries.

Step 3: Props( Left Side)

For the left side of the room, I had another zombie and a wall of spider webs.

For the wall of spiderwebs, I took a glow-in-the-dark spiderweb blanket and strung it on the wall. In the dark, it gives a real creepy effect.

For the other zombie, I used an old halloween prop that was in the basement.

Step 4: Lighting

For the lighting I turned off all the lights and plugged in a strobe light. The strobe light was positioned so it could shine on everything. The result was very disorienting.

The glow-in-the-dark spiderweb also gave off some very,very faint light.

Step 5: Sound or Music

For music , I had the scooby doo theme song burned onto a disc and put it in my boombox. I pressed the "loop" button and it kept repeating and repeating. The track also had some sound effects on it.

Step 6: The End

Turn off the lights, pump the music, open the doors and your'e done! Hope this helped!

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