Make a Sea Glass Basket Pendant or Earrings

Introduction: Make a Sea Glass Basket Pendant or Earrings

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I love the way the sea glass looks inside the little "baskets"! This matches the earrings that I made. This easy walk through works for the pendants and earrings, of any size or shape.

Tools used:
Ear Wires
Sterling silver wire, 24g
Sea glass
hexagon finding
round tip pliers
wire cutters
flat tip pliers
cheap thread or string,approx. same thickness as your wire

1. You need to measure how much wire you need for your basket. Using your thread, wrap the thread around the hexagon (or whatever shape you chose) in a way that will hold items inside. Mark the end with a marker, then unwrap the thread from the finding.
2. Add 4 inches of thread to your overall length. better too much than too little.
3. Take the length of thread, and double it. This is how much wire you will need. You can eliminate this step by using a thinner wire, but the basket will not hold as much.
4. Double the wire on itself once, but do not crimp the bend in the wire, gently bend it. Hard kinks in your wire are hard to smooth out!
I started at the bottom, and wrapped the wire around the form three times, to anchor the 'strands'. Pull it tight with your round  tip pliers. Use the flat tip pliers to make sure your wires are flush with the finding.
5. From here, you just wrap the wire around your form. Use your round tip pliers to pull it tight.
6.  To finish, you wrap the loose ends off the same way you started! Use the flat tip pliers to make sure your wires are tight and flush with the finding.
7. Now, fill with your choice of sea glass, beads or maybe a mother of pearl disc!
8. A really cool variation, shown here, is to add beads to the wire as you go, instead of filling the basket.
9. Add jump rings on either side.Add your length of chain, and you are good to go!

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    8 Discussions

    This is really nice!
    Unfortunately, I can't get the stuff needed to make this :(


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I am actually disappointed! I truly expected to see actual directions of how to make this wire wrapped item. Instead, I read what appears to be directions for an experienced wire wrapper to make this particular item.

    It would really be nice to SEE what is being done so I can attempt doing this myself. Isn't that the point of an Instructable?

    This is beautiful, and I think I actually have all I need to make it - except clear instructions.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is so gorgeous!! I like the idea of making my own finding as well, and then you could add your own loops wherever you like for connecting purposes. You could make precise shapes, or irregular ones... anything you like! This has my mind spinning with ideas!