Make a Selfie Costume/Prop

Introduction: Make a Selfie Costume/Prop

I made this a few years ago because I have always had a passion for homemade costumes. This costume or prop is easy, fun, and really cool once you are finished. This project only took me a few hours and cost me almost nothing. This can be used as a costume or a prop for a larger and more eleborate costume. I loved making this project and I hope you will too.
Good Luck!!!

Step 1: Gathering Materials

The materials needed are cheap and can probably be found somewhere in your house.
The materials are:
The top of a cardboard box (as big or small as you want the "phone" to be)
Some black and white paint

Step 2: Cutting the Cardboard

This step is very important and must be followed closely.
1. Take off the top of the box
2. Cut out the top so that there is enough space on the edges for "iPhone" designs
If you are still confused look at the picture

Step 3: Painting

1. Paint the entire surface of the top of the box black
2. Then get creative put on designs of a camera for a phone (or snapchat, Instagram, etc.)

Step 4: Now You Have Your Prop or Costume

Great job you finished. I hope you enjoyed making this as much as I did.

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    I love home made costumes too! Great idea!


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    thanks for the positive fee


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