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Have you always wanted your own shrunken head but never wanted to go through the nasty processes involved in human sacrifice? With this Instructable, the only sacrifice you'll make is one unfertilized egg yolk, and maybe a few children that you scare away with your creepy Easter decoration.

Step 1: Blow Out the Egg Yolk

You could leave the yolk in your shrunken egg head and let it rot and stink up the place if you want, but I prefer to blow it out so it's lightweight and less disgusting.

To blow out the yolk, grasp the egg firmly (but not too firmly!) in your hand, then take a thick straight pin and carefully push it into the egg to form a circle of holes. When you've completed the circle, push the pin into one of the holes, angle it slightly, and use the tip of the pin to break away the tiny shell bit so that you have a decent sized hole to blow the yolk out.Do the same to the other side so you have a hole at each end.

Next, blow out the yolk. Better yet, get a kid to do it.

Step 2: Make a Face.

First, paint the egg with nail polish to give it strength and add color and gloss.

Next, find a face. Thin glossy magazine pages work best. I used a cover photo of Sophia Loren from a vintage Ladies Home Journal magazine. Then cut out the lips and eyeballs (that sounds gruesome, sorry.)

Decoupage the lips and eyeballs onto the egg. Paint a little dab of decoupage (I like Mod Podge) onto the egg, apply your lips and eyeballs, and decoupage again overtop. When it becomes moist, the paper becomes pliable and can bend around the surface of the egg.

Let this dry.

Step 3: Add Hair and Hang.

Finally, you can add some hair (I used yarn and attached it with hot glue) and hang it up for everyone to see. Better yet, make a whole bunch and hang them from a tree in your yard like people do with plastic eggs around Easter time.

Step 4: The Weird Possibilities Are Endless!

I showed this instructable to my after school club kids and they wanted to try to make their own so I have added a few of their weird creations here. If you end up making your own, please post a pic in the comments section. Thanks!

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    Reply 4 years ago

    I agree! I have a tendency to make weird things.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    The text is as funny as the idea. I totally voted for this, and may even make it!

    I wonder if I can slip a few into the local community Easter Egg hunt....

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    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you. That would be hilarious. You could do it and submit it in the Prank contest! :)