Make a Simple Garden Sprinkler

Whether you're trying to keep your outdoor plants happy or you just want
to keep the kids busy in the yard, if you don't have a sprinkler that'll water a large area at once, all you need is a plastic soda bottle, some tape, and your garden hose. Just grab your soda bottle and use a thumbtack or pushpin to make a line of holes about an inch apart along the length of the bottle. Then rotate the bottle and repeat the process. Do this three or four times so you get a decent spread of water when the bottle is attached to the hose. Then go outside, push the hose into the bottle opening, use the tape to seal the bottle to the hose, and turn on the water. With luck, you'll get a decent stream of water from the holes you punched once the bottle is good and full-enough to keep your plants happy, or give the kids a little something to play in the yard with.



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    2 years ago

    Very fun idea! I love being able to make something out of what would otherwise be trash!