Make a Simple Paper Plane Model (Step by Step)




In this project I’m going to show you how to make a simple Paper Plane step by step in less than an hour. Just follow the steps correctly.

Materials Required:

A4 sheet (x1)




Last but not the least BRAIN!!!

So Lets Start.

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Step 1: Cut the A4 Sheet Into 4 Equal Size Squares.

Step 2: Fold the First Half of Corners, and Then Do the Same for Second Half.

Step 3: Choose Any Side, and Once Again Fold the Corners Like This:

Step 4: Now Fold the Small Triangle Towards the Back Like This:

Step 5: Now Fold the Triangle Towards the Inside. Making a Right Angle Triangle.

Step 6: Repeat the Steps 3 to 6 for the Other 3 Pieces of Squares.

Step 7: Assemble the Component Together.

Step 8: Final Look

To make it look better, I just made a stand and glued it to the bottom of the plane.

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