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About: Hi my name is David, I like to make things out of Wood, also like to take things apart and fixed them.

In this instructable, I will try and show you how I made these Skeleton's for Halloween decoration. I made these last year to go with my Pallet Coffin. I made the first one out of pallet boards, then made 3 more, using some scrap 3/8” plywood, they worked better.

This is a real simple project to make, hope this gives you a new idea.

I have included the SVG file that I used, if you don't have a program to open it. Download the Free program Inscape, that is what I used to make this.

If you have a hard time following my directions, you might want to check out the video instead.

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Step 1: Materials

Pallet boards or plywood

Jigsaw or Scrollsaw

Drill and some drill bits

Scrollsaw blade

Printer to print out the pattern

Long Gutter nails

9/16" Staples


White SprayPaint

Pencil or Marker

Step 2: Pattern

Print out or draw yourself a pattern. Then I use some spray adhesive to attach the pattern to wood. At first I used some old pallet boards, but then used some scrap 3/8" plywood. The plywood done better for this, if I had glued up the pallet boards, they might have done better.

After making the first one, I used it as a pattern and traced it onto the plywood.

Step 3: Sawing

I used a Jigsaw with a scrollsaw blade to cut the pattern out of the plywood. The first one was made out of pallet wood and I used a Bandsaw and Jigsaw on it.

Note you will have to drill some holes to cut some areas with the Jigsaw.

Step 4: Paint

Now that you have your parts cut out, we need to paint them, I used White spray paint, but you could use other colors. I would recommend using some kind of primer on the plywood boards first.

Step 5: Hardware

I had some Gutter nails laying around, they are about 7" long. Bought some 9/16" staples and attached them to the back like you see in the pictures.

Step 6: Enjoy

Now they are ready to be installed into the ground. Just push or hammer the nails into to ground. I put them close to my Pallet Coffin.

Thanks for checking out my Instructable. Happy Halloween!!

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    Good idea, looks one project to my scroll saw maybe make this and another with a zombie hand

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