Make a Crystal Skull in Under an Hour for Under a Dollar

Introduction: Make a Crystal Skull in Under an Hour for Under a Dollar

Easy to make with just  a bit of plastic wrap, and some packing tape.   I came up with this last year, soon after watching Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.  Couldn't find a Crystal Skull in the stores so I made my own.   I figured I'd share the idea, so I made another one.

This is my first instructable so let me know what you think.

Step 1: Stuff

You will need a roll of packing tape, some food wrap, scissors and a ball

Step 2: Cover the Ball in Food Wrap and Then Packing Tape.

Wrap the ball in the food wrap so that the tape is easily removed.   Then cover the food wrapped ball in many layers of packing tape.  More tape gives it strength.

Step 3: Cut the Tape Off the Ball

Cut the tape off the ball maintaining the round shape.  (this is the forehead)

Step 4: Make Another Ball Wrap Shape

Make another one. Repeat steps 2 to 4.   This will be the jaw.

Step 5: Tape the Forehead on Top of the Jaw

Tape the forehead piece on top of the jaw piece.   You can trim excess and just tape it back on somewhere else.  More layers strengthen weak areas.  Check a picture of a skull to get proportions.  Gorilla skulls have lower foreheads.  Alien skulls have high foreheads.

Step 6: Make Eye Sockets, Teeth, and Nose

To make eye sockets, teeth, and nose, twist tape up.  I rolled the tape backwards with sticky side out over my fingers.   Form the tape in the small boney features of the head.

Step 7: Stick the Eyes, Nose, and Teeth on the Skull.

Position the eyes nose and teeth on the skull.  Cover with a couple of layers of packing tape to hold in place.   Where you want areas of depth, slice open the packing tap and press against sides.

Step 8: Give Your Skull a Body If You Want

Give your skull a body if you want a reaper.  This knight reaper is a bathrobe, with rolled up towels in the arms over a punching-bag.

Step 9: Or Make a Glowing Skull.

For this picture, I put the skull over a lamp stand.  

Last year, I used this idea for a glowing skull on my door step.  I used a flood lamp.  I was glad it was cold weather, because heat from the lamp started to melt the tape slightly.   The skull survived, and is now the head of the reaper inside this year.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Thats given me some ideas, thank you for sharing