Make a Solder Spool Holder for Your Soldering Workstation

Introduction: Make a Solder Spool Holder for Your Soldering Workstation

I, like many other high school geeks, enjoy the frequent busting and smashing, and occasionally, creating of electronics projects. With this in mind, a master needs his tools and workstation. There, this mini-project was born.

Items Needed:
Wooden workstation
Drill with a 1/8" bit
Long Nail, can't describe it any other way, check the picture.
Sandpaper or Bench Grinder

Step 1: Drill + Nail

If you are using any type of wood, is is always best to drill a small starter hole, smaller than the diameter of the nail, to prevent the wood from cracking. Using the 1/8" bit, drill a hole all the way through the other end of the board. (No picture for this, sorry)

Hammer the nail through the hole, out all the way.
Using sandpaper or the bench grinder, grind the head of nail flat, but make sure you don't grind it off all the way.

Step 2: Put on the Spool, Enjoy.

1) Place spool over nail
2) Enjoy
3) ???
4) Profit

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