Make a Space Telescope in 123D Design

This tutorial is how to make a Space telescope in 123D Design.
I am making this tutorial as part of my class work and entering it into the 123D Design challenge.
In this tutorial I have not specified units for the measurements for the units as it does not matter as long as you use the same unit for each shape.
I apologize if the tutorial is hard to follow or poor quality as my class was only given 4 days to complete our entries.

Please note that I remade the solar panels at the end as I could not colour them properly the way I was originally making them.

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Step 1: Make a 50 by 10 Cylinder and Rotate It 90º

Step 2: Make a 15 by 50 Cylinder and Snap It to the End of the Other Cylinder. This Is the Back of the Telescope

Step 3: Make a 3 by 50 Cylinder and a 3 by 70 Cylinder. These Are the Poles to Hold the Solar Pannels and the Dishes.

Step 4: Rotate the Short Cylinder and Align It to the Edge of the Thick Cylinder With 10 Units Hanging Out on Each Side

Step 5: Rotate the Long Cylinder and Align It to the Edge of the Thick Cylinder With 20 Units Hanging Out on Each Side

Step 6: Insert Two 5 by 5 Cones

Step 7: Place the Cones on the Long Poles With the Wide Face Towards the Back

Step 8: Insert Two 5 Unit Spheres and Intersect Them With the Cones.

Step 9: Use the Subtract Function to Create Dents in the Cones.

Step 10: Inset Ten 8 by 3 by 8 Rectangular Prisims, Three 2 by 3 by 52 Rectangular Prisims and Six 18 by 3 by 2 Rectangular Prisims. These Will Form a Solar Pannel

Step 11: Stack the New Prisims Like the Image.

Step 12: Duplicate the Solar Pannel and Place Them on the Ends of the Short Poles.

Step 13: Rotate the Solar Pannels -30 Degrees

Step 14: Insert Two 22 by 1 by 52 Rectangular Prisms and Place Them at the Back of the Solar Pannels

Step 15: Insert a 9 by 25 Cylinder and Place It in Front of the Telescope

Step 16: Move the Cylinder So It Is Inside the Front of the Telescope.

Step 17: Use the Subtract Function to Create a Hole in the Front of the Telescope

Step 18: Insert a 10 by 2 Cylinder and Place It Ajacent to the Front Opening. This Is the Lens Cap.

Step 19: Set the Material of the Body, Poles, Cones and Lens Cap to Iron and the Colour to #797979

Step 20: Set the Material of the Long Parts and Back of the Solar Pannel to Iron and the Colour to #4A4A4A and the Material of the Square Parts of the Solar Pannels to Aluminium and the Colour to #161AE6.

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    Although this looks ok there are already 1000's of them out there and they all look the same as this, i don't think this one is original, but well done anyway