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In this instructable,i will teach you how to make a sticker dispenser out of a  film container. The PRIMARY use of this for ME is to put my U-haul Truck inspection stickers into and keep them from unrolling every time i need to use them. At first we are given stickers in a box and they are a long huge strip. i hate lugging them everywhere in the box, so i will take about a 5' strand of stickers and roll 'em up and secure them with one of those stickers...until recently i didnt have any film containers, but after seeing an 'ible on here on how to make a camera flash diffuser, i went to the photoshop of my local walmart, and the technician gave me all he had. I made my diffusre to get better quality MACRO pictures. i was at work when i realized... ! ...another 'ible, as well as a significant useful thing in my pocket. SOOO i made this dispenser.

I hope you like this idea!!

Step 1: Materials

The Materials you are going to need are:

1) Film Container (ANY color you want, but clear if you want to see how many stickers you have left)
2) Your Stickers of Choice
3) Something to cut the container with (i used my Gerber Multi-tool)

Step 2: Measure and Mark

Take your container and the stickers you will be using and line the edge you will pull up with the container. It is important to make sure things are as parallel as you can to avoid binding up the sticker strip, and avoid tearing stickers.

Step 3: Cut the Sticker Slit

Now you will cut where the strip will go through. since these containers are super thin, you only have to score the line a few times before breaking through the other side. Test your stickers through the slit...if they tear, make it bigger. if not, your probably fine. make sure though it is not only long enough, but the slit is wide enough.

The first picture is where the slit was too small. the second one is just right.

Step 4: Final Bits

I found that the easiest way to put the stickers in is to tightly roll them up and then take the end and work it into the container first, and then insert the roll. Then take the cap of the container and snap it into place.

Congradulations!!! all of your stickers are now nice and neat!!

*NOTE* After i got done making this ible, i realized it needed some method of hanging it for easy access. i havent figured it out yet, but when i do, i will post on it!



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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    You can do it at any size, for wide or narrow tape, big o little roll. Using appropiate container, obvious.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Way cool! This would be very useful with a roll of self-adhesive postage stamps. THANKS for the idea!!!!

    1 reply

    no problamo!!! in fact, i am pretty sure (if you live in america) if you get the standardd priority stamps, im sure you can fit 2 rolls in there side by side. maby make a partition? and make the slit a little longer.