Make a Summer Icy Lemon/Mint Juice




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Really Easy.

You just need a blender, some peeled lemons, mint, sugar, and ginger. (Ginger is important.)

Put the lemons, mint, ginger and sugar in the blender. Add water to the top of the blender.

I will tell you what the quantity I used.

2 big lemons or 6 small

A small piece of ginger. (Not a whole one, Don't put too much ginger)

Mint (I used a fresh plant so I put 5-6 stems with green mint on them)

Done! Don't forget to put ice cubes to enjoy it in the hot summer times.

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    Reply 3 years ago

    You're welcome. Thanks for your feedback :) . I really like to drink it in the hot summer days, it , like, cools my body really good.