Make a Super Music System From a Old Dead I Pod (with Table Lamp)




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Hello everyone.

This is Sahas chitlange aging 15 from INDIA . this is my instructable showing you how to create a super music system from a old dead I Pod. Every one loves music. And almost everyone would have pair of old dead I pods lying in the drawer . so why not reuse them to make a super music system. Most ipods go dead because of the batteries or some screen error. mine was a screen error i.e. the screen broke so the ipod turned useless . Also the cheap ipods have batteries that dont last more than 6 months. I also had 2-3 Ipods with dead batteries but the circuit working. So i thought to convert them to make a Music system from this junk. Plus i have added a option of table lamp means that you can hear music while reading!!!

Lets begin with a list of materials ( most of which you can find in your junk)

1) Get a dead old 3.6 V lead acid smf battery.: You will find that you have some dead batteries ( lead acid one ). the batteries mostly go dead because the acid in them dries. so we will recover the battery by refilling them with some car battery acid diluted with water. See step one.

2) An old I pod (a dead one)

3) Project box , prefer made of plastic

4) Some wires

5) A old mobile phone Charger 5V 1A

6) Some basic electronics tools and skills like soldering etc

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Step 1: Before We Start ..........

Before we start its necessary to see the overview circuit diagram of the system. is in the photo.

Step 2: Get a Dead Battery and ....... Recover It !

Now , as you have got a dead battery , its the time to recover it. As I said before most of the SMF batterys go dead because their acids dry up . to recover the dead battery , we will be putting some car battery acid diluted with distilled water. See pics. You will see , first the battery voltage was about 0.1V , After adding acid and recharging it , the voltage boosts up to 4.1 V . While recharging the acid seems to boil but not a thing to worry its the part of the recovery process. And one more thing to note, when the battery is recovered , it wont give 100 % performance, it will reduce to about 75% depending on battery quality . but its ok for running small load of an I pod. Put the battery for charging and move to step 2 .

Step 3: Now Open Up the Ipod

Let the battery charge for 6-7 hours at 1A 5V . Till time open the iPod and locate the following:

1) First . +ve and -ve inputs

2) second , speaker output wires .

You will easily locate the above. After locating these , solder the + and - inputs to battery's + &- resp

and solder the speaker wires to the output of iPod. If you have a good volume control then its OK or if not then add a 68Ohm potentiometer.

Step 4: Prepare the Plastic Box

Now , preapare the plastic box by drilling the holes needed to take the tact switches , On/Off switch , Potmeter etc. out of the box.

Step 5: Make the Charging Section.

Join the 2 wires to battery and add a audio socket which is used in Tv's see pics. there is a photo of diagram of how to connect a charger to the battery. Just add a Female socket of resp male head. And remember to match the polarity correctly otherwise god knows what will happen.....

Step 6: Make the Table Lamp Function

Now , time to add the lamp function to the super music system. The charging input and lamp power output is same female dock. Follow the procedure given in photos in this step.

Step 7: The SUPER MUSIC SYSTEM With a Reading Lamp Function Is READY !!!!

Now the The SUPER MUSIC SYSTEM with a reading lamp function is READY. Time to enjoy music and Also Read under the powerfull table lamp.



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    Project D

    3 years ago on Introduction

    Very well done! I'm quite impressed at the ingenuity of it.

    Cool project, I was a little concerned for your safety in step 2, so I was happy to read to the end and see that you still seem to have all your fingers!

    1 reply

    4 years ago

    nice work where do get all ur equipment frm in India.

    1 reply