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Introduction: Make a T-shirt Folder

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If you're a fan of Big Bang Theory you may have seen Sheldon use this t-shirt folder during the show. It looked simple enough to make, and with a bit of prodding from an avid reader I decided to make one! The t-shirt folder won't cost you much to make and everything you need you can buy at your local hardware store.


3 pieces of 3mm masonite/hardboard

- 2 of 200 x 750mm - sides

- 2 of 200 375mm - centre panels

Duct tape

Tape measure and pencil

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Step 1: Get the Panels Ready

You can have the masonite cut to size at your local Builders, but if you are cutting it yourself measure as per the list above and mark accordingly. I used my Bosch PKS-16 to cut the sheet down into sections.

1. Lay the panels out in the formation as shown below. There is a long panel at either side, and two smaller panels in the centre.

Step 2: Assemble Centre Panel

2. Start with the two centre panels. These are joined together but have a 5mm gap between them. This gap allows one panel to fold over the top of the other panel.

3. Lay strips of duct tape from the top of one panel to the bottom of the other, ensuring that the 5mm gap remains.

4. Continue to wrap the panels from top to bottom and then add a strengthening strip along the top edge (next to the gap) on each panel. Also cover any exposed edges.

Step 3: Add Side Panels

5. Place one side panel against the centre and strap to the top centre panel as shown below. Again, allow a 5mm gap between the two. This will allow the side panel to be folded over easily.

6. Wrap the side panel with strips of tape from top to bottom as per the centre panels.

7. For the second side panel the gap needs to be wider, to allow the panel to fold over the other side and centre panel. Place the last side panel on top of the folded centre and first side and place a strip of tape at the top and bottom. You remove the strip at the bottom later on as this is only for a guide.

GOOD TO KNOW: Once you open up this will indicate how wide the gap should be.

8. Maintain this gap as you add strips across the centre and over the last side panel. Add 4 strips in total.

GOOD TO KNOW: Make sure to press down the tape to cover the tape that marks the width of the gap.

9. Continue to ensure all the panels are wrapped with duct tape.

Step 4: How to Use Your T-shirt Folder

How to use the T-Shirt Folder

Place a t-shirt in the centre of the opened up panels.

Fold over the right panel, open up and fold over the sleeve...

Repeat this for the left panel...

Now flip up the bottom centre panel...

And you now have a folded t-shirt !

Fold in half again if you store your t-shirts in a drawer and not on a shelf.

The t-shirt folder packs away neatly and allows you to store your t-shirts neatly folded on a shelf or in a drawer.


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    3 years ago

    20+ years ago I saw an employee use a gadget like this at The Gap! I loved that Sheldon used it on TBBT! Awesome Ible!!!