Make a TV Antenna Out of a Banana Peel (FREE TV)

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This Instructable is about making a TV antenna out of a banana peel. The TV antenna that we bought did not work (we live too far out for the signal to get to us), and set out to make a really cheap one. I spent about $0.50 on the whole thing. I have around 30 channels now (for free too)!

Step 1: Gather Materials

You shall be needing the following items:

1. Banana (Trader Joe's sells them for $0.19 each

2. Coaxial cable (make sure it looks like the one in the picture)

3. TV (if you are planning to watch TV channels when you are done)

Step 2: Build It!

First, I recommend that you eat the banana. Take a peel and stick it into to pin in the middle of the coaxial cable connector. Then, carefully screw in the other end of the coaxial cable into your TV.

Step 3: Watch TV

Now, you can turn on your TV, and search for channels. Not all channels worked for me, but a lot did. Be sure not to move the banana around, because that is your antenna!



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