Make a Tank Top for Man (maybe Recycling a Damaged T-shirt).

Introduction: Make a Tank Top for Man (maybe Recycling a Damaged T-shirt).

As in my other project—short from cropped pant—I saw that kind of t-shirt on the Internet and I want it one for summertime, the beach, etc. I had some t-shirt with its sleeves damaged due to the sweat and even washing them did not take off the dirt or some of them, for instance, were just showing some discolor. I decided then to "fix them" transforming them at the same time. You will need:

  • scissors;
  • t-shirt;
  • some marker (optional).

NOTE: as in my other project I did the project before deciding to share it so the final result—colour, and shape—may differ from the t-shirts showing here.

Step 1: Measuring and Marking How Big You Want the "hole".

First of all, try your t-shirt and find how big do you want the hole—the side of the t-shirt. Make a mark above the hip—the bone—and take off your t-shirt placing it on a plane surface. As long as you are comfortable no matter where you put it. Prepare your scissors for the next step.

Step 2: Cutting the Sleeves and the "hole".

  1. First of all, cut the sleeves of the t-shirt following the sewed part—if you have made some you will realize that you can skip this step but for beginners, it is better going step by step.
  2. Now take the scissors and cut from top to bottom. You need to cut from the half of the shoulder—no more—of the t-shirt itself, not yours, if you take the scissors from the "sleeves". I mean, do not cut too close to the neck—unless you want it.
  3. As I said cut from top to bottom and some centimeters or inches before arriving at the mark on the hip—or where you made it—curve the scissors over the external part of the t-shirt.
  4. Repeat the process with the other side.

NOTE: I recommend you if it is your first time cutting less and then adjust if you want. Remember hold firmly while you cut in order to make similar cuts front and back although it is not that important because it makes it beautiful not having exact straight lines on the t-shirt.

Step 3: Adjusting and Final Touches.

Keep cutting and trying the t-shirt until you arrive at the result you want. Cut the strip on the neck too if you feel like it, I did.

Step 4: Final Thoughts and Extra Pictures.

This was the very first time I did something like this in my clothes. I have never thought about customizing my t-shirts but one thing is for sure, best idea ever. Now I can feel the breeze when I head to the beach or feeling less hot if I am in my home, yes, I did a couple more after the first one.

For those that are not brave enough to try, I suggest you give it a try if you think of doing it but you are scared of damaging your clothes. Just take the scissors, I was scared too but the shirts were already damaged so I did not care a lot. Now I fixed them but remember cutting less at the beginning if it is your first try.

The first two on the picture were sleeveless and the fabric was not cozy enough for winter and not fresh enough for summer so I decided that to be at home in summer were ideal to customize it as in this project. The last one and the first on the instructable are the ones I use for going to the beach or outside.

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