Make a Tassel




Items you will need:

Small rectangle of fabric or leather



Optional- key ring

Step 1: Cut Out Rectangle

1. Start with a small rectangle of desired material. (I will be using leather as it does not fray like fabric)

Step 2: Cut Off Strip

2. Cut a thin strip off from one end if the rectangle.

This small strip will later become the tassel holder or loop.

Step 3: Cut Out Square

3. Optional Step: Cut out square from rectangle of leather. If you choose not to cut out the rectangle you will still be able to follow along with the following steps and create a tassel, just one of a slightly different style.

Step 4: Draw Line Across

4. Draw line across top from top of rectangle you cut out. If you have not cut this piece out, then just draw a line about a 1/2 inch down front the top of your material.

Step 5: Cut Tassel Strips

5. You can either draw fringe lines or eye ball it. Cut strips of equal widths in remanning strip of leather. Be sure to stop at top line that we just drew.

Step 6: Add Glue

6. Add glue above the line you have drawn where the fringe is not.

Step 7: Roll

7. Place extra strip we cut off at the beginning and start to roll your tassel inwards, tightly. I folded mine to create a loop but this is not necessary.

8. Add extra glue at end of strip is needed.

Step 8: Ta Da!

You're done. Adorn as you please.



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    3 years ago

    Very well documented and easy to understand instructions.