[Make] a Tie, Scarf, Belt, and Cord Rack Thingy!



I have discovered I am happiest when I am making or building somethIng for myself. My wife and I could simply go to the store, but you don't get the fun of designing, the rush of the build, or the thrill with life-long memories. This year for the Holidays I made most of the gifts with the help of a big red laser-cutter at a Hackerspace. The Tie, Scarf, Belt, and Cord Rack is just one easy thing! There is a learning curve but the end result is so very cool!

The following are the steps I use to make anything my evil mind could ever want. {Add dramatic evil laugh}. So, here is how you can do it too: 

*I forgot to add a picture of belts on the rack...

Follow these three simple steps to accomplishment & victory:
1. Design a mock up in Google SketchUp.
2. Be friendly and meet people at your local Hackerspace, then use the equipment.
3. Clean, polish, price and package.

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Step 1: [SketchUp] Making the Rack

[Step 1.] Design a mock up in Google SketchUp.
Downoad and learn Google SketchUp.

Next, I looked around online and checked out what designs I liked for the rack.
Measure everything!  Start with the thickness of the hanger bar.
The size of the rack I made is 300 x 150 mm.

SketchUp is good for checking out potential materials, colors, and designs.
Demonstated above is how wood, clear plexiglass {acrylic}, and paint would look.

++++ I needed to add a plugin to SketchUp to save the files as .dxf files++++
From the open-source wiki at Makerbot Industries, this free plug-in was suggested:

Step 2: [HackerSpace] CNC Laser Cutter

[Step 2.] Be friendly and meet people at your local Hackerspace, then use the equipment.

Find a local CNC laser-cutter.
{If you have your own laser-cutter you don't need this step!}

Check out your local Hackerspaces or community workshops for the tools you want to play with:
{Hackerspaces are community-operated, physical places where people can meet and work on their projects}.

This is the big red CNC laser-cutter at i3Detroit!

{This CNC machine needs the files to be saved as .dxf or monochrome bitmaps}.

For $11 at Lowe's, I picked up a sheet of plywood measuring 4 x 8 feet and 1/4 inch thick. I asked the guy to make two cuts, resulting in four quarter sheets of plywood. {This material was not my first choice, but the pre-cut 2 x 4 feet sheets of plywood had voids in the layers}. 

Step 3: [Home] Clean, Polish, Wrap, and Give! :)

[Step 3.]  Clean, polish, price and package.
Clean and remove burnt ash and laser "kiss" marks. I used rubbing alcohol and paper towels.
{If you use acrylic, you don't need this step}!

The picture above is an example of a different project ready to be cleaned with rubbing alcohol and paper towels. The next two pictures is of the same project, now clean. {By the way, you may need to sand down the edges.}

Polishing is super easy. Get down to your local store for a spray can of furniture polish.
Some polish repels dust. {Well worth it}! 

Almost done!

Attach the price that you see fit.
Package appropriately.

[Make] the Tie, Scarf, Belt, and Cord Rack seen in the previous videos. 
Download exact design here for free:

Step 4: [Thingiverse] the Wrap Up

*Alternative Method for [Step 1.]
*1. Instead of desiging your own projects, download designs at Thingiverse.
2. Be friendly and meet people at your local Hackerspace, then use the equipment.
3. Clean, polish, price and package.

Try this out!

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