Make a Toy Cell Phone!

InstaMorph is a special crafting thermoplastic designed to heat up so that it can be manipulated like modeling clay. Once it cools, it hardens into place. Later, it can be reheated to be manipulated again.

You can see find out more here:

This was part of an Instructables Build Night with our Hackerspace:

In this tutorial, we will show you how to make a simple toy cellphone!

Thanks to Nic for this tutorial!

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Step 1: You Will Need..

For this project, you are going to need:

Step 2: Heat It Up!

There are a few different methods for heating up your InstaMorph.

You can use our tutorial for a digital induction warmer here.

We also created a tutorial for using a heat gun here.

Additionally, InstaMorph has alternative methods and other suggestions for more advanced projects here.

Step 3: Shape It!

After the InstaMorph has cooled a little, try shaping it into the basic shape of a phone!

You can add details like the number pad and a screen, just remember to coat your tools and workspace with a little olive oil so the InstaMorph doesn't stick to it.

Step 4: Decorate It!

Now, try decorating with permanent marker or crafting paints.

Nic painted his cell phone green and added the Knox Makers logo!

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