Make a Transformer Keychain

Introduction: Make a Transformer Keychain

So i bought this little Bumblebee transformer toy from Target for $5 last week. It was so cool that i kinda wanted to have it with me for a while so I decided to make it a key chain.

Step 1: Legal Stuff

I'm not a affiliate or owner of transformers or Hasbro.(obviously).
I'm not responsible if you destroy your toy or damage yourself.

Step 2: Materials

Transformer toy of your liking or the one in this instructable.
An adhesive (I used epoxy)
A keychain with a screw at the end (check pic)
A screwdriver
A drill
A drill bit matching the size of the screw end part of the keychain (I used 1/16)

Step 3: Unscrewing

Well its really up to you where you want to put the key chain. But for this instructable, I'm putting it on Bumblebee's left leg.

Locate the screws on the inner left leg and unscrew the two screws there. Don't lose the two screws you will need them later.

Step 4: Drilling

Find the piece that has the wheel connected. The dot is where i plan to drill. Drill a hole throgh the plastic.

Step 5: Adding "Adesive" (Epoxy)

So in this part it really doesn't matter what kind of adhesive you use. I used epoxy so for now we'll just call it "adhesive". I also didn't have any pictures because I didn't want epoxy on my camera and i was afraid it would dry before i could do anything. Also, If you are wondering why there is a need for adhesive, it's just there so it wont unscrew itself accidentally and you'll lose your $5 toy.

Anyway dip the screw end of your keychain into the "adhesive". Manually  screw the screw end into the hole you drilled out earlier. Wait until it dries.

Step 6: Reassemble

Self explanatory. Reassemble Bumblebee back together.

Step 7: Results

If all these long and boring steps worked, it should look a little like this:

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