Make a Vase for Flowers



You have a lot of soda plastic bottles ?
I give you an alternative besides throwing them or recycle them ... you can make Vases out of them
For my alternative I have different coloured plastic bottles
So You need at least 1 bottle and Tools
(on my inscrutable I use 4... for making the vase )
Yo can use as many you wish.
Please excuse the fact that it's my  first DIY and if you want you can post as well your versions!
CAUTION: for cutting I use sharp tools so take care what you cut !



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Um, I am not clear what you did here. I know it involves a box cutter and scissors....and soda bottles......but.....I must be a bit dense.

    3 or 4 bottles cut and twisted to make one vase. Am I correct?