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Autodesk recently launched a 123D Make! App for iPhones, so I used it to fabricate a vase, and then I laser cut it at TechShop SF.

The vase is great for holding some of the knick-knacks on my desk at the office!

Step 1: Download and Use the 123D Make App.

After you have downlaoded the 123D Make App to your iPhone, open it and begin using it. It will ask you to draw a shape, do so with your finger.

Step 2: Stacked Vs. Radial.

I decided to make a stacked model of this object, but you have a radial option as well. After you have selected your model style, it will output a model for you to examine.

When you are comfortable with the model you have made, the app will  generate a laser-cutting plan document. Email these plans to yourself from the app.

Step 3: Cut Out Your Parts.

I went to TechShop with a few sheets of cardboard, and cut out my project on the Epilog Laser Cutter.

The laser cutter gave me 34 circles and rings that would become my parts. The 123D Make App numbers your parts in the order they are to be layered. Arrange your parts numerically for ease of construction.

Step 4: Start Gluing.

You may need some pins to maintain registration, depending on your shape, but I ended up not using them. Craft glue works great for this project.

Build your project up slice by slice, using the numbers that have been laser etched onto the cardboard to guide you.

Step 5: Let the Glue Set, and You're Done!

Wow! That sure was easy! Now you can fill your vase with whatever you please. Great job! 

Thanks to TechShopSF for being so great!



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