Make a WIFI World Clock





Introduction: Make a WIFI World Clock

Almost all the OLED look like the same.

I always want to make it look more compact.

So I made this tiny 1.3 OLED. I call it "X-OLED".

Then I develop a project called "X-project".

All the shields or control boards' shape should be limited as X-OLED's shape.

Now my project has two things: X-8266 and X-OLED.

X-8266 is a tiny NodeMCU.

Its circuits is almost the same like NodeMCU.

X-OLED's power pins and data pins are on the two side of the board.

It is easy to use something to cover the pins.

Step 1: Prepare

X-8266 x1


18650 battery shield V2 x1

Simple 3D printed case X1

Step 2: Coding

You can have a look at the pin map.

SDA is connected to D1.

SCL is connected to D2.

This two pins work as the IIC pins.

The other pins can be connected to other sensors.

The X-8266 can really do a lot of IOT works.

Here I will thank squix. He really do a great work for ESP8266 controlling OLED.

Here is my code:

Remember change the library.

#include "SH1106.h"




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    Realy love this project , :)

    Hey Dear, amazing project you have a great idea i have been follow you from a long time and seen your last projects also which is Web Piano, all the time I notice one thing is that you have a creative mind and create small but unique projects which are able to DIY. I have also done many projects like this did you ever checked mine Engineering Projects?

    1 reply

    Thank you very much.

    I am happy to be your friend.

    I will check your cool projects