Make a Watch Wristband for Super Cheap!




Introduction: Make a Watch Wristband for Super Cheap!

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Make a wristband for super cheap!

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Step 1: Things You Need!

For this project you need the have hanging around a old watch with damaged wristband, in my case a have a sportive watch with a cord wristband, but with time doing some sprints and sweating on the gym starts to get very smelly! hehe so i tried to figure out some material that doesnt absorves moisture and its not allergical to skin...dammit! rubber a had a lot of rubber for old bikes laying around and old pieces of black rubber on my things... so why not use it? some ca glue creates a powerful bond with rubber... so its all you need... also some small clip locks and later in the project if you want you could sew i fine thread to reinforce the rubber! Lets go!

Step 2: Look at Your Watch and Measuring Your Wrist

look at your watch, my watch had a alongated ring who i will use to wrap a rubber wristband, if your watch had metal pins you can use it too, next step is to look roughly at your wrist size and measure it then cut it to the size, once more roughly, you need to let room for the next steps

Step 3: Preparing You Rubber and Clips

Now using some masking tape and a ruler cut with a razor or exacto knife a piece of rubber who looks fine in your wrist and strong enough, its time now to measure the internal space inside the clips to wrap the rubber inside

Step 4: Cutting and Putting Things Together

now you need to find out your way to put things togetherm on my watch the rings of watch itself are bigger than the clips rings so i need to trimm and cut them down, so with a masking tape i drew some lines and using a button i make the rubber end round, because i found more nice that way, than you now could put a dab of ca glue on the rubber to wrap around the watch, dont do with the clips, because you need to test the final fit on the wrist

Step 5: Fitting in Your Wrist

now its a little trick to glue the 3 parts of the wrist band alone on your wrist, you may have to ask help for someone, but with a little difficult a did it, and glue the 3 parts but one i didnt because i need to feel comfortable before gluing, than put a tab of glue and thats it! a cool and resistent wristband who doesnt smell and its absolutly harmless to skin

Step 6: Optional Step : Sewing Your Wristband

Thats a optional step it make more resistent and longlasting, but it very tedious to do, if you want just use ca glue it make a powerful bond to rubber, that step will make very very military built watch.

First you need a point steel nail to make the holes on rubber first you need a very pointy object or hole punches for leather, than start to sew all around. im using a black poliester line. On my case it not look that fancy, but i want a bullet proof watch, if you want different you can use different colors or fine threads! Thats it! See ya!

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    1 year ago on Step 5

    If you want to make other things to fit your wrist, maybe it could help to use a cardboard tube or similar thing the same size as your wrist to help with gluing. Good project ☺