Make a WiFi Necklace

Introduction: Make a WiFi Necklace

Do you remember the movie "Artificial Intelligence" ?

I love that movie and like that future necklace of the robot.

I made this future necklace by myself. I think it is also cool for you.

Now I can control my necklace color by WiFi.

My necklace also could display the information form WiFi.

Let me show you how to make it.

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Step 1: Prepare

I define my project as"X-project". Most members of this project have the same size.

X-8266 X1


X-Battery Shield X1

X-Ring X1

Step 2: How to Program

If you know Arduino well I think it is no hard for you.

X-8266 is a tiny WiFi board. It uses ESP8266 as its control chip.

You can control X-8266 at Arduino IDE.

Please have a look at here to know how to prepare the software.

After you prepare the software you can have a look at my code example:

Step 3: Final

Maybe you can not understand the code.

You can just download this code to X-8266.

Change the WiFi ssid and password.

Then you can control OLED display and RGB LEDs.

The address will be displayed on the OLED.

Open the address by your smartphone or computer.

Then input the command I wrote:



You will see the result will be very cool.

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