Make a Wood Pen!

Make a wood pen that is literally made of stuff from around your house. This is easy and anyone can do it with out a drill. Enjoy!

Step 1: Supplies!

You need:

Self tapping screw

Step 2: Screw IT!

Screw your screw into the stick,REMOVE, and REPEAT.

Step 3: Jam It In!!!!

Take apart your pen so all you have is your Ink and the Cap put you ink into the hole, and glue the cap onto the end of the stick making sure you can still write.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    really this is a great idea and can branch off into other ideas simple and easy yet never thought of so i give you a 5 out of 5 onall parts of it. ;)

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    I got the idea because my father gave me a pen from a company, then i lost the pen, and wanted to make another one. yeah, i want to make a clickable pen like this. Don't know how. I also want to make a pencil.

    i hope you do and im surprised it has been made, good job on the overall making of it, also i cant wait for those other ideas, keep working and never give up on ideas that you want to do and carry out, its the little jobs that count(it's a phrase, i want to start using it, its a bit like me to say it)anyways keep on inventing ;)

    Lol thanks, if i make a clickable pen or pencil i am going to sell them on my little "Green" hobby website, i just started.

    I Used a screw in this ible' to make the hole, but now i am using a cordless drill to make the hole instead, because i cracked the pen a little in this ible'.