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Learn how to make a Bait Bottle to carry your worms wherever you go fishing.


I spent a bunch of hours and days fishing this summer. This summer I learned how to bait my hook and take fish off the hooks. So, now I could fish without my dad helping me. But, I always forget where I put the bait when fishing around the pond. Sometimes I would fish half way around the pond and forget my worms. Then I would have to go all the way back to the other side of the pond to get my worms. What a waste of time.

My bait now goes with me in my BAIT BOTTLE! No more wasting time looking for my bait. I spend more time fishing.

I hope you find my FIRST INSTRUCTABLE helpful to you can outside fishing fun!

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

You do not need many tools to make the Amazing Bait Bottle!


  • Power Drill
  • 1/8 inch drill bit
  • Scissors

You only need a few supplies to make your bait bottle.


  • Spare plastic water bottle
  • Super Glue
  • 2 Zip Ties
  • Carabiner Clip

Step 2: Drill Holes

With the drill and drill bit drill a bunch of holes near the top of the water bottle. These are air holes so the worms can get oxygen to breath.

Step 3: Add Zip Tie

Tie Zip Tie #1 to the bottle cap nozzle.

Tie it just tight enough so it does not come off the nozzle. You want the zip tie to be able to spin around the nozzle.

Step 4: Prepare Zip Tie #2

We only need part of Zip Tie #2. We need the end that will act like a nut.

Clip the end off of Zip Tie #2.

Step 5: Connect Cap to Bait Bottle

Now we will connect the cap to the bait bottle.

  1. Push end of zip tie into one of the holes from outside of bottle.
  2. Pull end out of top of bottle
  3. Slide square connector from zip tie #2 onto zip tie #1.
  4. Pull zip tie end so you have about 3 inches of zip tie left on zip tie #1 connected to bottle cap
  5. Clip off extra zip tie.
  6. Pull zip tie out of bottle.

Step 6: Put Worms in Bait Bottle

Get worms from your worm bin or from the bait shop and put them into the bait bottle.

Step 7: Clip It

  1. Put the carabiner clip onto the bait bottle loop.
  2. Clip the bottle to your tackle box, tackle bag, fishing lanyard, or even your belt loop.
  3. Take your bait bottle wherever you go.

We did have to drill a hole into the tackle box handle to connect the clip to the tackle box

Step 8: Another Way to Make Clip Loop

Here is another way to make the loop. If your bottle has a lid on it try this.

  1. Use supper glue to glue the lid to the bottle cap.
  2. Hold lid onto cap for about a minute or two to dry.
  3. Put your carabiner clip onto the lid loop.

Step 9: Two Ways

There you go! Two great ways to make a bait bottle. I am going to give one bottle to my buddy who loves fishing too.

Step 10: Go Fishing!

Now go fishing.

Now wherever I go I have my bait with me. No more forgetting where I put it or losing my bait!

I hope everybody makes a Bait Bottle!

Thanks for reading my first Instructable!

Wilderness Wes



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    5 Discussions


    20 days ago

    this is a good post, thank you for your idea. I'll try it!!


    1 year ago

    Although I have been fishing many, many years, I will add worm cups to my fishing gear this summer. I will post you a picture when I do.

    Where do you buy your worms? A fisherman can save a lot of money by raising their own worms. It doesn't take much to build a small worm bed. Worms around here cost $3.00 USD!

    You can "seed" your worm bed with left over live worms. I dump the container on top and the live ones will disappear into the bed and the others can be pushed aside and recycled by the bed.

    Good luck fishing this year and thank you for your tip.

    Tight lines.


    1 year ago

    This is nice i know a friend that would like this


    1 year ago

    That's a great idea! Awesome way to reuse materials and make it easy to take with you :)