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Introduction: Make a Youtube Video on the Cheap

Hi! A couple of days ago I've uploaded a video on youtube

It's not perfect but it's not bad either

I'll show you the gear I've bought and why I choose them

then I'll talk to you about the editing

hope you'll like it

Step 1: Gears to Make You Feel Like a Pro Without Ruining the Bank :)

For starters I wanted a camera capable of recording at 1080p at 50 fps, with an external mic jack, since my laptop isn't capable to stream 4k video.

So I chose the Panasonic Lumix Fz-200; I know the vast majority of youtubers use Rebels and 5D mark III, but this bridge camera is currently available for 300 euros on Amazon, a pretty good deal to me ; plus there's a gentleman on Youtube that has made a very complete video guide on how to use this fine piece of equipment.

My tripod of choice is the joby gorillapod zoom, and I've also bought the ballhead with the level: it's still pricy at circa 60 euros but they're the most useful around, I could tangle it to handles and chair without fear .

To light everything I've used an old lamp I had with a big alogen bulb (23w)

to hold the script I've used an Ikea lectern

to record the audio I've used a shotgun mic, the takstar sgc-598 : it's one of the most praised microphone on youtube ; you'll also need a microphone adapter, since you'll need a 2,5mm jack

to save my files I'm using a kingstone 32gb memory card SDA3/32 GB SDHC/SDXC UHS-I U3, 32 GB ; I wanted to purchase the Sandisk one, but it was currently unavailable on Amazon; a couple of times this sd card crashed during the recording, so I'm a bit afraid it'll do it again in the future

Step 2: Location and Tricks

I've recorded the video in my kitchen, using the pattern of the kitchen tiles to match with the guidelines of my camera

I used a 5cents coin to screw the clip on the camera; the bigger coins were too thick to be used

The lantern was placed on the far right, the camera in the middle and the lectern in front of me

My Lumix assembled looked a bit intimidating, but it also made me feel like an expert :D

Step 3: Recording and Editing

I tried my best to respect the 2/3 rule and I think i've succeeded

I also tried my best to have a good english prononciation and I think I failed :D

I recorded the video with the highest settings available, then used freemake video editor to convert it in mp4, keeping all the specs, but reducing the file size.

It still took me several hours to upload two six minutes videos, I wonder how other people upload bigger ones...

once uploaded, I used the youtube video editor to cut the videos and alternate them with pictures made on MSPaint

I've alternated the free mute videos to music available in the editor, dragging them in the audio line, since I didn't want any background music while I was talking.

Last thing I've done was to validate my account, so I could upload a custom thumbnail.

Step 4: The Results!

So here they are, one in italian, my language, and one in english

Hope you've found everything useful and entertaining

Thanks for the attention, ciao

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