Make a Bobble-head / Bobblehead, Start to Finish.




Winning a laser cutter would mean earning extra income. I would like to cut and construct small buildings for model railroaders. Selling custom buildings on the internet could supplement my fixed income. I am to old to be hired in the market place. Bill  



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hooray! How to make bobble-heads!
    Unfortunately, this went a little too fast for me to figure out anything past "start with a molded figure." Even watching it more than once, it didn't help me figure out how to build a bobble head. I lost track of what you were doing.
    Any way you could post step-by-step pics and written directions? I am sure many people do get this. I just need static references. And close-ups. And maybe an explanation of why you are wiring the skeleton, why you are cutting the joints ... where did the head go? I just don't get any of it. But then, I'm old and not tech-or-mech by nature. I need something to print out and follow.
    Again, thanks for posting this!