Make a Bohemian Chic Table Lamp Using Ikea Arstid Table Lamp

Introduction: Make a Bohemian Chic Table Lamp Using Ikea Arstid Table Lamp

 The Ikea Arstid table lamp has a classic feel to it, but can start looking "tired" after a while. Check out my refresh of this classic piece into a bohemian table wonder.

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Step 1: Take the Lampshade Off

This should not be too difficult, unless someone else actually fixed up the lamp for you, but I think that's highly unlikely, otherwise you probably won't be here.At the top of the lamp, there's a securing screw that you need to turn to unscrew the cap that holds down the lampshade.You can do this project with the Arstid floor lamp (as in the picture) as well, but the way to remove the shade is slightly different. You need to unscrew the bulb, then unscrew the securing O-ring, before the shade can be removed.

Step 2: Fixing the Trimmings to the Shade

The idea is simple, to fix the trimming to the bottom of the shade. I got the trimming from a beads supplies shop. If you are in Singapore, you can find such shops at Arab Street. Alternatively, you can check out Spotlight, though that would be the more expensive option. Choose something that fits into your decorating scheme.I fixed the trimming using double-sided tape. It might be easier if you wrap the trimming around the part that you want to cover to estimate the length of trimming you need, then cut the trimming first. I actually stuck the double-sided tape and pasted onto the shade as I go along, and you can get into a tangling situation with the trimming and the tape, and the frilly ends got stuck to the tape a few times. In any ways, just proceed with the method that suits you.

Step 3: Fixing the Tassels to the Pull Switch and Putting the Shade Back On

The original pull switch was made of a ball chain with a metal ball. What I did was to remove that and wound the end of the tassels to the pull switch with wires. I had originally attempted to tie the tassels to the original ball chain on the pull switch, but it ended up 'hanging ' too low, so I had to scrap the idea.Once that's done, put the shade back on and there, your own bohemian chic table lamp.In the next refresh, I might just rip the cloth on the shade off and replace it with some luxe fabric to add more to the opulent feel.

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